Molecular Diagnostics is a branch of laboratory medicine or clinical pathology that utilizes molecular biology to help diagnose disease and select patient treatment options. We provide a preemptive health screen for patients that can help identify how their genetics can influence their risk for specific diseases and syndromes.



By analyzing a patient’s DNA, we are able to identify specific genetic variants that put one at an increased risk of Cancer.

Warrior Diagnostics uses the latest advances in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to analyze a patient’s sample. Through our testing, we are able to provide comprehensive reports of genetic variants and risk factors for both common and rare cancer syndromes. The ordering physician, supported by our genetic counselors, is empowered to formulate a surveillance or treatment protocol to address any ‘at risk’ findings.



The goal of genetic carrier screening is to provide individuals with meaningful information that they can use to guide pregnancy planning based on their personal values.

Carrier screening is a type of genetic test that can tell you whether you carry a gene for certain genetic disorders. When it is done before or during pregnancy, it allows you to find out the chances of having a child with a genetic disorder.

What do my Results Mean?

If only one parent is a carrier, then the child has a 25% of being a carrier for that disorder and a 0% chance of having the disease.

If parents are carriers of the same gene mutation, then the child:

  • Has 25% chance of inheriting one affected gene of individual Parent and being born with disease
  • Has a 50% chance of being a carrier just like the parent who is a carrier
  • Has a 25% chance of not being a carrier and not having the disorder


What if we could diagnose Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms started? The hope is, future treatments could then target the disease in its earliest stages, before irreversible brain damage or mental decline has occurred. With our 20 gene panel, we can test your DNA to determine your risk for Alzheimer’s or Dementia later in life.

Gene Panel:

  • CHCHD10
  • DCTN1
  • FUS
  • CHMP2B
  • PSEN1
  • PLAU
  • GRN
  • MAPT
  • PSEN2
  • SQSTM1
  • APP
  • HFE
  • TBK1
  • UBQLN2
  • VCP
  • SMPD1
  • GBA
  • SNCB


Our Cardiac panel focuses on patients with a family history of high cholesterol and heart disease. One third of all adults in the United States will develop some form of heart condition during their lifetime. Many of these conditions occur due to a combination of risk factors, some of which are hereditary. Using genetic testing physicians are able to better understand a patients risks, confirm a diagnosis, and create an appropriate medical management plan.

Gene Panel:

  • LDLR
  • APOB
  • PCSK9
  • STAP1
  • LIPA
  • ABCG5
  • ABCG8
  • CYP27A
  • LCAT
  • APOA1
  • ABCA1
  • CETP
  • SCARB1
  • LIPC
  • LIPG
  • LPL
  • APOA5
  • APOC2
  • MTTP
  • SCN5A
  • ANK2
  • CALM1
  • CALM2
  • CALM3
  • CAV3
  • KCNE1
  • KCNE2
  • KCNH2
  • KCNJ2
  • KCNQ1
  • TRDN
  • ACTC1
  • ACTN2
  • BAG3
  • CSRP3
  • DES
  • FLNC
  • LAMP2
  • MYBPC3
  • MYH7
  • MYL2
  • MYL3
  • PLN
  • PRKAG2
  • TCAP
  • TNNC1
  • TNNI3
  • TNNT2
  • TPM1
  • TTR